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The spirit manifests itself through human activities. The virtual, anonymous, and infinite extension of the network can absorb the thoughts and logic that cannot be realized in reality into this layer of network utopia. The remote relevance and interactivity of the network add game savor to this context.

Friedrich Schiller developed the concept of the play drive, a conjoining through contradiction of man's experience of the infinite and finite, freedom and time, sense and reason, life and form. The object of the play drive is the living form, and in contemplation of the beautiful it allows man to become most human. 

We try to discover more interesting works of art in the connection between human play drive and Internet.

Cyberspace is a platform to provide a growing place for these works which are attached to the network, giving viewers a certain space to develop their own relationship with the works, rather than dominating their experience.

Our artists are creating the works now, and if you curios about this projrct and want to konw more, plz email me