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 石西 京   代表理事



Study photography with Qi Jie, Hu Yuqing and Chen Jianfu. In 2008, Seki-art-studio was opened in Shanghai. In July 2016 went to Japan. From December of the same year began to curate the Exhibition. The topic is about "Chinese photographer works" in the Ueda Art Museum of Nagano County. In 2017 held the solo exhibition "Seki's world" in the Matsumoto Art Museum of Nagano county. In 2018, JICAA was established in Tokyo and came to the Tokyo University of art which in Professor Hasegawa Yoko Lab.  to study curation until March 2019. Since July 2019, been a member of the International Exchange Committee of Japan Photography Association (PSJ).

李 思羽     理事


Graduated from Tianjin University of Commerce with English studies. she was worked at the Tianjin museum of art in the public education department, Tianjin art festival, Pece Beijing. Her work includes planning international events, Editing, and translating, etc. she is currently a research student at Tokyo University of the Arts, under Prof. Yuko Hasegawa in the Department of Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices. Her interest in multicultural symbiotic, as well as the research and curatorial practices, present values and issues from culture shock and cultural assimilation wherein the global age.

肖 逸傑      理事


Graduated from the Japanese Institute of Technology, majoring in design. In July 2016 went to Japan to study. He is one of the planners of the "Japanese tour exhibition of Chinese photographer works". One of the Council members of the Japan International composite art association(JICAA) when it was founded in 2018. After graduation in 2019 began to be active in the field of games as a game producer. And to create a new era of the game as the goal of struggle.